Tuesday, December 27, 2016

How was your Christmas? (Week 67)

Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I definitely had a good one. I even (unexpectedly) was welcomed into the homes of many members, and my new companion and I got a few gifts! Check it out! 

Skype With My Family:

I got to talk to my family on Skype on Christmas! It was great to be able to see and hear their voices again. They had such uplifting stories to share, and I think they liked mine too. I had such a fun time. Its kind of weird to think that this is the last Christmas I will be spending here, and the next one will be back in the USA. 


I have a new companion. His name is Elder Belo. He is Brazilian and is from the state of Para, and he knows English! He originally was in the US studying, but he got called back to Brazil! Haha so cool! 

Spiritual Experience:

So we found a women named Ellen. She is very interested in the church. She went to church this week, and she is very excited. She also went to an activity, and she is loving the church. She is reading a lot, praying and overall she just seems really happy. We found her Friday and she is already excited to get baptized. She told us that she knows the church is true. She also told us that she wants the best for her son and daughter too. Overall, Ellen is amazing and we are going to continue to teach her and help her feel the spirit This just goes to show that when we obey the lords will...he will respond at his timing.  

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  1. So excited for you about Ellen!!! Hope that by now she has beeb dunked! It was so wonderful to talk to my missionary son on Christmas (many moons ago) so I know how wonderful it was for your parents and you. It is always fun to hear how things are going for you and to hear your up beat comments.

    Thank you for serving the Lord!!! You are doing a fabulous job!!!

    Love from Sister Corrie Haring