Monday, December 19, 2016

She told us what after our lesson? (Week 66)

Hi Everyone!
The new companion!

Update on the new area I am in:
  • This is the first apartment where I have air conditioning
  • My apartment is so easy to clean, I'm so grateful! 
  • This area is much bigger than my last one
  • I still have a lot to learn about this new area, but hopefully I start picking things up quick
Spiritual Experience:
We where knocking on doors and than we made it to this one house. We clap at the door, because knocking is rude here in Brazil, and this woman invited us in, and welcomed us. We started to teach her and she surprisingly already knew everything about the the Book of Mormon. My companion and I were so amazed and happy she already had some knowledge.

She then told us...that she was praying for the Lord to send someone to help her find the correct path, and it just so happened that we showed up and taught her.
BUT also turns out that she is very religious...and she is very strong in the other church that she is currently involved with...and the pastor of that church told her that she will be invited to go to other churches and that she should NOT GO...I can tell that the adversary is working hard, but not to are we ;) 

Okay, I am so happy! I'm going to an actual gym today to workout! I know that I walk miles and miles a day but I am so happy to for once for workout at the gym. Anyone that knows me knows I love working out, and I know that the mission is more important right now, but it'll be a nice change to go in this one time and exercise a different way for once. 

Final Remarks: 
Well, I hope everyone has a great week. Thank you all for your love and support and your emails! Merry Christmas!! :) 

Elder Arevalo 

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  1. So happy for you that you have a nice apartment!What an amazing experience to come across someone who has read the Book of Mormon!I'm sure you will work hard to convince her to pray for the truth. I once met a woman who was a Southern Baptist. Her pastor told he that Mormons don't use the Bible and have their own Bible. She was astonished to lean Mormons do have the Bible. She asked me questions about the Bible and I was able to answer them to her amazement. She became angry with her pastor and said she didn't like being lied to and now would have to find another church.She really meant another Baptist church but I encouraged her to seriously pray to find the right church to join. This happened in Salt Lake where she was visiting and I was serving a mission on Temple Square.

    Enjoy your holidays away from home and delight in celebrating the Savior's birth. Love from Corrie haring