Monday, August 8, 2016

Baptism Week (Week 47)

Hey Everyone, 
Great Day

This week was yet again filled with awesome experiences. I've broken them down into categories so it's easier to follow it all. Here ya go! Thanks for reading everyone, it means a lot!

Spiritual Experience(s) I Want To Share: 
I was so excited!

The first one I would like to share involves my companion and I teaching a lesson with a married couple. We decided to teach the restoration. I have done his at least a million times, but this time it was different. I started to talk and teach and then I started to cry as well. I cried because I felt like I've known my investigators for a long time. I have never felt so much love for some one who I never knew, and i could also feel the saviors love for them and for me. That was one of my most spiritual lessons of the week! I felt the spirit from beginning to end. 

After the lesson my investigators had a great feeling and they wanted to know more, and and now they want to go to church! I know the spirit testifies of our words. Everything starts with our words. If we do not one will listen, and therefore no one can benefit from them. 
The Big Day!
The second spiritual experience I was when my companion and I baptized two investigators this week. They are the ones I spoke about last week (Kimberly and Kadija)! Anyways, I saw our investigators in white clothing and they looked so happy! So much more happy then when we found them. I could see the Gospel changing their lives. This shows me that living the Gospel brings blessings and happiness that we could never imagine. 
I know these things to be true. Here on the mission I have come to know my saviors love for me more than I ever have before. 

Investigators To Pray For:

-Fabio Mardileni

As of right one is 100%. All of our investigators have a date, but we still have lots of teaching to do and they have a lot of learning to do about living the commandments. So we will be doing a lot of work this week.
Food Sister Ranchero Shipped To me. Thank you Sister Ranchero! 

What I Learned From The Scriptures This Week:

I want to share what I learned this week in Alma 34:9:
9: Pois é necessário que haja uma expiação; porque, de acordo com o grande plano do Deus Eterno, deverá haver uma expiação; do contrário, toda a humanidade inevitavelmente perecerá; sim, todos são obstinados; sim, todos estão decaídos e perdidos e hão de perecer, a não ser que seja pela expiação que deve haver. 

This scriptures is pretty great. Because of the atonement of the Lord we can have knowledge, family, immortality, and live with our Father in heaven forever. Before Adam fell we could only have 2 of those things I mentioned above. Those are: live with our father and have immortality. After Adam fell...we  could only have 2 (a family and knowledge) 

Through the atonement we can have all 4 (knowledge of happiness, immortality, family, and live with our father in heaven forever), and I thought that was a really cool perspective to see things from. 

Elder Arevalo 

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  1. You are doing a fabulous job as a missionary. I love to read about your spiritual experiences. Will pray for those individuals. Can't wait to hear of more successes! Love from Corrie Haring