Monday, August 15, 2016

No Money (Week 48)

Hi Everyone, 
I hope everyone has been having a great summer so far, and a good start to school soon. Anyway, let's get straight to it today. Also if I use any will be italicized haha. This was my week:

It was Fathers Day Here In Brazil:

So yesterday (Sunday) it was Father's Day. I wished my father a Happy Father's Day even though we celebrate it a bit later, and it gave me time to reflect how grateful I am for the father and mother I have. They have both demonstrated by example that making the right choices in life isn't easy, but "Vala A Pena" (it's worth it).

Spiritual Experience I Want To Share:

So, we did a FHE (family home evening) at an investigators house (Raimunda). It was with Ana, Riderson, and Ryan the "Neto de Raimunda" (Granchild of Raimunda). We tought them the word of wisdom and they accepeted the teachings very well. They wanted to learn more, and they had lots of questions. It was great! We responded to all of them, and when we where respondeding...I was really happy and relived to know they where understanding the lesson. I was so glad they were asking questions! because that means they are interested!!!!! The amazing part of this lesson was this: 

Raimunda recives money from her husband every month and she didnt have enough money this  week for the bus, because she gave us (missionaries) food the week before...(The Lord does not let his sons and daughters suffer)...her husband called a day before and said he recived a raise of pay and he sent more money for her!

When she told me that...tears flowed from my eyes. I can see the Lords blessings pouring upon her and her family.  I am happy and honored to be a missionary out here in Brazil. I can feel myself getting lost in this work, and I have never had so much joy in my life until now.  I am working with the Lord and he is doing everything to help his sons and daughters, I know this to be true. 

Raimunda told us she feels blessed to have been found by us missionaries. I can see the blessings she is receiving. It is not us missionaries who are giving them to her...we are just instruments in the hand of the Lord. Likewise, there are so many blessings the Lord is giving me. If anything, I am getting double of what I need and want. I can't even hold all the blessings I am reciving hahahaha.

I am sure the lord is so very happy with you guys and is doing the same with you guys. Love you all. Keep being amazing examples to those around you. Thanks for believing in me guys. It means a lot. Thanks for being a part of this experience with me through these emails. 

Elder Arevalo



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