Tuesday, August 23, 2016

We Don't Have To Wait.. (Week 49)

Hey Everyone,

As always...I hope you all have been doing good. 
Here was my week in a nutshell:


My companion and I have an investigator named Ana. She is great! She received her response and she just needs the desire to be baptized. Our other investigator Aimunda is also great. She is reading the scriptures, she likes church, and she loves us, but she's just missing one thing. She needs to see that she has an answer from God. Our other investigator is  Dorlis. She went to her dads house for 20 days :( So that's on pause right now. 
Fabio and Madiliani they are not married yet. Fabio is very hard to find at home, but his wife really likes the lessons and has a great desire to follow the gosple. Liandra is scared to switch religions. She has confirmed to us that she knows the gospel is true and she received a response from god, but she is having a lot of doubts, but I know she knows.

Spiritual Experience:

My spiritual experience is about being obedient. My testimony about obedience has grown. I know that I need to be obedient to the Lords will. He loves me and he wants me to be close to him. Our Father in heaven gives us rules so we can stay close to him. Something I realized is that we do not have to wait till after death to be close to him and love him. We are fully capable of following and showing our love for him today. I learned this through being obedient to the rules of the mission, giving a talk about it at church, and giving a lesson about obedience. We can have our Celestial Kingdom here on earth, but we need to chose now to follow and be with him.  


learned that being prideful is something can be shown in many forms. Pride is something can be shown for your country, your ethnic background, your favorite sports team, etc...but it is also something that can be very dangerous. If we do not chose to be humble it can be something that stops our progress to reaching Heavenly Father. 

When I talk about pride...I am talking about the pride that is talked about in the scriptures. 
Some of the people in the scriptures do not want to listen to the voice of the Lord. They think they know better, and they think they are better then everyone else. I mean prideful in those terms. I don't want to be like that...I do not want to be that person that is always thinking and saying, "I am way better then other people" or "I'm always right"...I think that is very annoying.

In short, I just want to be like Christ. I want us all to be happy and be with him one day. I want you all to remember that the Lord only wants you to do your best and he will compensate for any shortcomings. That I know to be true. 

Anyways, that was my rant on what i learned this week haha. Love you all! Have a great week! 

Elder Arevalo

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