Monday, August 1, 2016

Amazing Progress (Week 46)

Hey Everyone, 

How is everyone this week? I hope you've all been good! My week has been very productive. I taught 19 discussions this week, and have made 12 new investigators! My companion and I are so happy about our success, and we thank our Father in Heaven everyday, but we know we can do even better to find more people ready to receive the gospel.

Branch Statistics:

This new area of mine is definitely really small. Its definitely smaller then a branch, but its getting bigger! We started with 50 people at church every week, and now we have 90 people going to church!! 90!!

Spiritual Experience:

A really cool experience I had this week with my companion involves two investigators named Kadja and Kimberly.  Kadja has had lost of doubts lately about life, and the gospel, and I worried for her. But during a lesson one day she read some scriptures and you could just see her doubts eliminated by the spirit as she read and listened to my companion and I talk about the meaning of the scripture and bare our testimonies of the truth of the gospel. You could see the glow and confirmation she had from the spirit at that moment, and that's when she said, "Elder Arevalo, I have never been so touched by the spirit as I have now. I am ready to be baptized". I as a missionary looked at my companion and then we both looked at her, and we were filled with so much joy. A moment like that is indescribable. It's one that I wouldn't trade for the world, and we are so thankful and happy that she and Kimberly are ready to be baptized this week. Pictures soon to come!

Besides that wonderful experience, we also found tone of new people to teach and we even had some old pesquisadores (investigators) go to church and we can see the Lord helping them in many ways. 

Investigators I ask you all to pray for:

Kadja Maria Jackoline FabioMardileni Maria Moses Elisangela Cley 

Why Read The Scriptures?

Besides all the really cool experiences, I wanted to share with all of you a really cool scripture that I invited everyone to read. It is a scripture that describes the importance of reading the scriptures! It's in John 20:19-22, 26-31. These things are written so we can believe in Christ our savior. What a great blessing the Lord has given us.
Scriptures are a great source for us to grow. Please check it out everyone! 

I even have the link right here for your convenience haha: 

I can see that the Lord has a plan for us. I know it was hard for me to see this "plan" in the beginning, but João (an old investigator) was 100% sure and ready to be baptized and I quickly learned that I was needed here in Brazil to teach people, and I am honored. 

I hope you all have a great week as always, love you all. 

Elder Arevalo

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  1. So happy for your success as a missionary!!! I surely can feel your wonderful spirit as I read your of your experiences. What a wonderful missionary you are. You live very close to the spirit and it in every word of your blog!

    Love, from Corrie Haring