Monday, November 14, 2016

I Was Wrong (Week 61)

Hey Everyone, 
Do I look Native Next To My Fellow Brazilians?  

Here is a summary of my week:

My new companion is doing good. He is having a bit of a hard time studying for 1 hr and staying focused, but I can tell he is trying. Which is great. So that's good.

Also, I recently found out that two missionaries from my district have been lying to me and saying that they are getting along very well when in fact they are always fighting. Two members recently just told me that they are a bit concerned about them always fighting.

Besides that...I am good. We found an inactive member and they have 3 little children that want to be baptized so we have 3 baptisms this week.

We also found other family that wants to be baptized. Three of them want to get baptized next month. They are very happy. So in total: Three for this week and then possibly for 4 the next month. We are definitely having this success because the members like us and go out with us when we ask. Its great! I am so glad poeple respect us a lot here.

Spiritual Experience: (Reason I was wrong) 
Good Times

So this week I had the privilege to go on splits with Elder Nougeira. He taught me a very important lesson. In the past, I would always pass these two people and I never bothered to make contact with them, but this time around...Elder Noungeira decided to stop and we shared a message with these two people that I always neglected and they loved it. They are married on paper here in Para (which is a miracle) and they have a true desire to come unto Christ. I pre-judged based on their looks. They have tattoos and they didn't look very spiritual but they were completely ready to hear our message and I felt so bad for thinking these two people didn't want the Gospel in their lives...I HOPE ALL OF YOU LEARN FROM ME...and the mistake I made. Everyone deserves to hear our message. If you ever think "Nah, they won't want to hear this" please think again and give it a shot, because it may be EXACTLY what they are looking for. 

People To Pray For:

Jose Maria Silis Larica Jessica Raisa Raquel Bruno Kadija (recent convert needs lots of help) Adalia

Thanks everyone.
Elder Arevalo 

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