Wednesday, November 30, 2016

I Have A Disease? (Week 63)

Hi Everyone,  

This week was pretty good, I don't have much time to write today, but here we go: 

New Member

So Leo, a newly baptized member, is very happy and he is very excited to help others. He even helped baptized his cousin! He also invited us to do a service project with him so that we can get to know his family, and eventually help baptize them. 
Service Project

Leo is just filled with the spirit, and he is happily sharing the Gospel. I think we can all learn from Leo. We should all be happily sharing the Gospel, just like him! I am very happy for Leo, and I know he will be a great leader in the future.


In other news...we will be having a baptism this upcoming week. Woohoo! We had 10 in the Month of November, and starting off December with one as well! What a blessing!

What Disease?

Also, I am going to the doctor this week. I have some white spots on my skin. I don't think its anything really bad, but I don't want anything to get its definitely more of a precaution thing. I bet its just because my skin isn't used to all this sun and heat. Who knows...anyways, I'll let you all know what the Doctors say next week! Thanks everyone for your support. My family always tells me how many views and supporters I have back home, and I couldn't be happier to know that my missionary work is hopefully influencing as many people as possible.
Until next week! Love you all.
Elder Arevalo :) 

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