Monday, November 21, 2016

The AP told me what? (Week 62)

Hey Everyone!

Guess what! Five people got baptized this week! I AM SO HAPPY! We had 6 people get baptized two weeks ago, and now we have ANOTHER 4 this week!! THATS 10 TOTAL! AND we are hoping to have ANOTHER 3 NEXT WEEK. It's so amazing to see the Lord help us find people ready to receive the Gospel! Check it out! Sorry the picture is blurry.

The AP told me the other day that I am leading the mission in baptisms this month. I was so touched to hear that. I am so honored, but I cannot take the credit. This is the Lords work, and I am just honored to be here to help. 
Me, Jessica, Raisa, Evny, Bishop, Larissa, Elder [Left to Right]

Spiritual Experience:

So as you know...we had the 4 baptisms. This family is great. We are helping Evny (mother) and her children Jessica (youngest), Larissa (oldest), and Raisa (middle child) currently. We also are helping Rodrigo (oldest son) to come back to church. It has been going very well, but oh my goodness guys. You should have been here when these 4 got baptized. Larissa, Jessica, and Raisa where baptized, and shortly after tears flowed from their eyes as they looked up at my companion and Bishop the second they came out the water. At this moment I knew they felt the Love of the Lord. At this very moment they knew happiness and the knew what it felt like to follow Chirst our savior. 

They loved there baptism. Larissa even told me that she wants to go on a mission and the Lord is blessing them a lot, I can tell. 

I can only say that we made it at the right time, and the lord did the rest. My companion and I just expressed our love and concern for them and they said they felt the spirit. It was a great experience for them and I am going to continue to help them continue to be great members of the church. I know the Lord prepares people for us, and all we need to do is trust in the Lord and do what is right.

Another experience:

At one point I was very lost, and had no idea what I should, where to go, what to do, or who I should talk to. When all of a sudden....a member passed by and said, "Hello!" and said, "We where going to visit some people...Oh I also have references for you guys". He gave us 4 new investigators that wanted to hear our message!!! So that's exactly what we did. We went to these 4 and shared our message about Christ, and they where so happy to hear our message. The lesson was on the plan of salvation. The member that gave us the reference is Eric, and I was with elder Ferrieha.  The visit was amazing. Eric's friend Carol, cried and they knew for themselves that the lord has a plan for us, and what an amazing joy that brought me.   

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